Imposters using robo-calls and Life Alert's trademarks to scam the elderly

May 23, 2013

Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc. has notified consumer protection and other law enforcement agencies about an alleged nationwide scam.  According to Life Alert, it is receiving many complaints both from customers and non-customers about unsolicited, illegal, calls that “offer a free Life Alert” by people impersonating the company.  The impersonators either claim they are from Life Alert or refer to the famous slogan, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!’  

Apparently, most of the calls are automated, pre-recorded messages (robo-calls) asking to press the number 1 to get a “free Life Alert”.  Allegedly, callers are using fake caller IDs, which is usually a non-working local number, and refuse to provide the actual company name they work for. Once a consumer speaks with an actual representative, he or she is asked to provide his or her credit card information “to secure a free shipment of Life Alert.” 

These fraudulent calls are NOT placed by Life Alert.  They intend to mislead and confuse the elderly in order to get their personal and financial information by using Life Alert's well-known name.  “Life Alert” and “Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" are federally registered trademarks of Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc.

Life Alert states that it is conducting a thorough investigation and will do its best to share the information and to help relevant law enforcement agencies to dismantle, apprehend and prosecute the criminal ring that set up, operates and profits from this scam.

Consumers should be aware that Life Alert does not employ telemarketers or make cold calls.